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zander round


My name is Zander, I'm a content creator based in the UK.

I'm a self taught FCP editor, Amateur Photographer with a few weddings under my belt (landscapes are my true passion) a Husband, a Father and a self confessed tech lover! 


    Ive have passionately been producing YouTube videos for nearly 5 years now, I Love the game of YouTube and I also love technology, so my channel has morphed from my failed "Casey Neistat" days to a fast growing tech channel. 

    On my channel you will find entertaining videos about phone cases to electric skateboards, charging bricks to 360 cameras, and everything in-between with the goal of supplying good quality, fair and honest reviews.

    The process is what I love though, from the idea to the finished product, I strive to improve my videos and techniques as my channel grows and really push the boundaries of what YouTube considers a tech review!

    So sit tight, join the community and most of all......ENJOY!


    I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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